At least conservatives admit it

Someone responded to a comment I made about my political and personal beliefs with the comment “I fail to see how anyone could become more conservative over time.”

Things like this are why:

I was initially approached by an editor of The Huffington Post to give commentary about adoption fundraisers, a topic she wished to write despite the fact that she knew it would be controversial. The editor came back to me later and asked for me to draft the piece instead because members of HuffPo thought it would be better if the article came from me. I agreed to do so, even though I said HuffPo readers, especially adoptive parents, would probably take the message better from her since she was one of them.

Less than a week later, I sent the article to the editor.  She loved it. The rest of the team, not so much. It appears as though what I wrote was a bit too “edgy.” However, today the great HuffPo published this bit of overtly saccharin, shallow, misleading, unrepresentative, and problematic take on adoption. – The Huffington Post thinks we’re too edgy @ Land of a Gazillion Adoptees. 

Because liberals love to pretend to be open-minded. They love to pretend that they want to talk about the ‘hard stuff that conservatives won’t’ and to insist they welcome debate and being challenged. But they don’t. If you peel back the thin veneer you find that liberals are not actually one iota more open-minded, welcoming and informed than the conservatives they so love to bash. They are not one bit less bigoted, they just choose different topics to be bigoted about and then smugly pretend that that somehow makes them superior. A conservative might be bigoted and ignorant about ‘sex ed’ or gay rights, whereas most liberals are just as bigoted and ignorant about misandry or adoption.

Liberals are just as interested in pushing their social code of acceptable conduct and beliefs, the difference is that they pretend that they do so as innocent, selfless servants of humanity. That they are simply doing so for the greater good. I have a difficult time respecting this as it is quite clearly simply their beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with having beliefs but there is an issue when you stop pretending that they are your beliefs and pretend that they’re edicts for all humanity and that you are doing a selfless service in pushing them into law/social policy. At least the average conservative has enough self-awareness and honesty to admit that their beliefs are simply beliefs and right, wrong, educated, uneducated, popular or not that they are standing by them simply because they are their beliefs or because the bible told them so. These days I will take “because the bible says so” over the patronizing erudite liberal stance of “because it’s better for you and all humanity, you simply don’t know it yet because you’re ignorant but I will save you from yourself” that seems to coat the majority of their beliefs and motivation.

Liberals are just as willing to silence debate and things that go against their ideals. I’ve seen Huffington Post, a supposed bastion of young liberal leftist publishing, refuse to speak on dozens of topics which should be discussed in favour of rehashing the same tired stereotypes and even incorrect information or overly saccharine feel-good pieces with as little truthful educational value as the worst ‘marriage only between a man and a woman’ feel-good piece they would bash on a conservative site. I’ve seen the process repeated on dozens of supposed open-minded leftist publishing that will post numerous example stories of how uneducated, ignorant and stuck-in-their-beliefs conservatives are while dozens of incorrect facts, statistics and beliefs are published right alongside and portrayed as truthful, up to date, correct and factual. Polite debate or dissention in the comments? Moderated, left forever in the limbo of ‘unapproved’ or deleted within minutes even while it states “The comments below have not been moderated.” Amusing, I didn’t delete my comment so where did it go? 😉

At least conservatives admit it